Made-in-India Video Games Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

Made-in-India Video Games Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

It appears that games made in India may find their way to the Nintendo Switch. Multiple sources speaking to Gadgets 360 have said that Nintendo employees are in the country evaluating games from Indian studios for potential release on its platforms. This was confirmed by a Facebook post from Bengaluru-based Holy Cow Productions that was visited by Nintendo, whose staff are in the city for the Indian Gaming Show as well.

Previously, indie developers such as Yacht Club Games — responsible for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove have come out in admiration for Nintendo’s support for independent developers with ample promotion and advertising.

Nintendo looking at India for games is a welcome move considering the intense competition on Android and iOS make it tough for local developers to stay afloat let alone monetise. So much so that game studios are looking at other revenue opportunities like e-sports to pivot to.

Amusingly, the Nintendo Switch isn’t available in India officially, though it has been selling steadily across stores – both online and offline.

“We see more customers asking for the Nintendo Switch than they do for the PS4 or Xbox One,” a buyer for a large format retail chain tells us.

For what it’s worth, we found the Nintendo Switch to be one of the better efforts from the House of Mario, more so with a strong line-up in its second year. The possibly of games from India just strengthen the notion of it being one of the more inclusive, developer-friendly consoles around.