New Facebook Feature Can Help You Find Wi-Fi Hotspots Around The Globe: Here’s How To Use It

Facebook Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook has reached two billion active monthly users, making it the world’s largest social network, though it’s not as if the title could even be contested.

The social media site has already listed down the things it would do to show gratitude to its users. Rolling out “Find Wi-Fi,” one of the application’s more recent but limited feature, globally could well be the cherry on top.

How To Enable The Feature

The “Find Wi-Fi” feature is a new addition so users should not expect for a button to just show up on their Facebook applications. Just like any other new feature, “Find Wi-Fi” may be accessed by clicking on the “More” tab.

Users should be able to see the “Find Wi-Fi” tab from there and just simply turn it on.

For a more visual instruction, Facebook also prepared a video showing where to find the “Find Wi-Fi” feature in the application. Watch the video below.

The feature is very helpful, especially when traveling to areas where internet connections are scarce. The feature is still in its first month of global roll-out so users should not expect a perfect Wi-Fi hotspot locator just yet. However, the sheer number of active Facebook users could expedite the process so it won’t be long before we all see a huge increase in the number of hotspots everywhere.

Anyone Can Find And Provide Wi-Fi Anywhere

According to Facebook Engineering Director Alex Himel, “Find Wi-Fi” will now be accessible to Facebook application users on iOS and Android all over the globe. This is good news since the earlier version of the feature, which rolled out in 2016, was only available for iOS users in a handful of countries.

For individual Facebook users, Find Wi-Fi will be a handy tool especially when traveling to other countries or places where cellular connection for data roaming is scarce. For businesses, the feature is a way to attract customers and put their names on the (Facebook user) map.

This is because “Find Wi-Fi” is an opt-in opportunity for businesses and owners must first edit their page to claim their Wi-Fi network. Once this is done, the company’s location and information would show up on the Facebook map as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

“You can then browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and learn more about the businesses hosting them,” Facebook says.