Microsoft Hiring for ‘Future Xbox Design Projects’, Next Xbox May Use GDDR6 RAM

Microsoft Hiring for 'Future Xbox Design Projects', Next Xbox May Use GDDR6 RAM

With the Xbox One X out barely six months ago, it seems that Microsoft is staffing up for its true Xbox One successor. What’s more is, a job listing on the company’s website spotted by members of popular gaming forum ResetEra suggests that the next Xbox may use GDDR6 memory versus GDDR5 on the Xbox One X. Microsoft is looking for a senior engineer to head up its DRAM solutions for Xbox hardware specifically citing “GDDR6 and future DRAM technologies”. It’s an interesting turn of events considering that at one point of time, Microsoft wanted your Xbox One to be a gaming PC, implying the end of Xbox as a closed console hardware platform and a more open approach to development. Evidently the Xbox One X’s success has changed this.

Our teams ship tens of millions of hardware products every year including the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, a full accessories lineup, and more. Microsoft is the destination for the brightest minds in gaming device design. Come be part of what’s next,” reads the job description on Microsoft’s website.

“We are seeking a qualified candidate for a Senior Engineer to lead the DRAM solutions for the Xbox console hardware development team. DRAM solutions include DDR3, GDDR5, GDDR6 and future DRAM technologies. The successful candidate will be the primary technical focal point for existing and leading-edge memory technologies on currently shipping and future Xbox design projects.”

With the PS5 in the works at Sony and Nintendo inevitably planning for an iteration to the Nintendo Switch, it’s heartening to see Microsoft continuing to build on the momentum we’ve seen with the Xbox One of late. Hopefully the company won’t forget to makes exclusive games for the next Xbox.