Fresh on Campus 2017: No one parties like the girls of KNC

A still from the jam session at Kamala Nehru College.

Not many colleges can match the energy and excitement of Kamala Nehru College when it comes to hosting the biggest freshers party — HT City Fresh on Campus. This year’s celebration kicked off with this Delhi University college where 30 divas walked the ramp, showcasing the best of their talents and giving witty answers to the questions judges threw at them.

Freshers Sunakshi Grover, Priyanka Bhalla and Shivali Anand who were crowned the winners of the competition.

Impressing everyone with her dance moves and electric smile was Sunakshi Grover, who was crowned the winner, while Priyanka Bhalla and Shivali Anand were declared the first and second runners-up.

Freshers Sanskriti, Purnima Singh and Somya Wadhawan who won the special titles.

Apart from the winners of HT City Fresh on Campus, three freshers were also crowned special titles. Sanskriti won the title of Best PersonalityPurnima Singh was crowned the title of Best Dressed, and Somya Wadhawan bagged the title of Best Hairdo.

Freshers Shiksha Jural and Noyonika Sircar who were awarded special titles.

Fresher Shiksha Jural was declared the Star Performer for her amazing dance performance and confidence, while Noyonika Sircar was crowned the Bollywood Diva for bringing the complete Bollywood feel in her act. Out of the many performances by the college’s cultural societies, Glitz — the fashion society of Kamala Nehru College — got the biggest applause.

DJ Sumit Sethi and Emcee Aditya Singh kept the crowd entertained.

Freshers also grooved to hit dance numbers played by DJ Sumit Sethi, and laughed their hearts out, thanks to Emcee Aditya Singh’s one-liners. #HTFreshonCampus was a hit hashtag among students who posted selfies and videos on social media.