Doomfist To Launch In ‘Overwatch’ With 67 Cosmetics, 4 Event-Specific Items: Dataminers Uncover More Hints For Unannounced Summer Games

Dataminers have discovered by digging through Overwatch code that Doomfist will launch with 67 cosmetics, and will have four event-exclusive items for the multiplayer shooter’s unannounced Summer Games event.

Doomfist generated a lot of hype in the run-up to his reveal as the 25th Overwatch hero. The brawler is currently playable in the game’s public test realm, where players can try out his unique combo-focused playstyle that resembles a character from a 3D fighting game instead of a first-person shooter.

Doomfist To Launch With 67 Cosmetics, 4 Event-Exclusive Items

According to a thread started by DocterrificDoc in the official Overwatch Reddit, the dataminer discovered that Doomfist will have a total of 67 cosmetic items available upon his launch.

There will be three cosmetics under the achievement category, namely the golden gun, cute spray, and pixel spray. There will also be seven cosmetics under the standard common category, namely the heroic victory pose, the heroic highlight intro, the heroic emote, the random highlight intro, the default weapon skin, the default voice line, and Doomfist’s classic skin. This leaves 57 items listed under the common category, which will be distributed across skins, emotes, voice lines, and other cosmetics.

In addition to the 67 cosmetics that will be released alongside Doomfist’s arrival in the main game of Overwatch, DocterrificDoc also found that the hero will receive four cosmetic items in the game’s upcoming Summer Games event.

With four cosmetics coming, it likely means that Doomfist will get an event-specific skin, probably along with a common spray, a common voice line, and either another common voice line or a rare icon.

Many players expect Doomfist to receive some sort of boxing skin, as that it is pretty obvious given the size of his fist. Bastion already has a boxing emote though, so maybe Doomfist will receive a basketball skin instead and slam dunk his way into crushing opponents.

Overwatch Summer Games Event

Blizzard has not yet officially announced that a Summer Games event is coming soon to Overwatch, but the discovery by DocterrificDoc follows a previous datamine that dug up hints that the event is coming soon.

Not much else is known about the event, but many players believe that it will have the same timeframe as last year’s Summer Games update, which launched in August.

The presence of Doomfist’s cosmetic items upon his launch into the main game and the upcoming Summer Games event hints that there is only a short time between the two. This might mean that Doomfist will arrive to the main game within the month, and Blizzard will then launch the Summer Games event a week or two after in early August.