ZTE announces international expansion for its Nubia brand

ZTE’s Nubia sub-brand has been around for a while, but at this point you can only officially buy such devices in a handful of countries. That’s all set to change this year, however.

According to an official press release, ZTE will be taking Nubia to “Latin American countries, Mexico and Argentina, key European markets including the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain as well as Malaysia and Thailand in South East Asia” in 2016.

Currently, Nubia is present in “China, North America, South America, Northern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and India”, as per ZTE. Nubia’s global website was launched today, and so far it’s available in English, Chinese, and Spanish at nubia.com. And “in the coming months” an online store will be added to the website, allowing people from across the world to buy Nubia wares straight from their maker. The e-commerce platform will be available in Europe first.