[Toolkit] Unlock Social Media Success in 2022

In the last year, 71% of consumers found themselves using social media more than ever before (Sprout Social Index™, Edition XVII: Accelerate). With “new normal” limitations placed on how we connect, shop, create and innovate, social has become the go-to platform to do it all. For brands, the opportunities to attract, engage with and serve your customers on social are endless.

To understand the curious minds of consumers, gain their trust and turn them into loyal brand advocates, marketers need to take full advantage of social—as a platform for brand content, a source of business intelligence and a customer care channel.

In this toolkit, we’re giving you the keys to unlock social media success in 2022. The featured resources include:

  1. [Guide] How To Make Better Business Decisions Using VoC Data
  2. [Report] The 2021 Content Benchmarks
  3. [Tool] Find the Ideal Social Media Content Mix for Your Brand
  4. [Template] Prepare to Launch With a Social Media Campaign Brief
  5. [Checklist] How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service on Instagram.