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Tonights chat includes:

* Trump’s latest attack on social media may be a bit of a stretch, but it does bring to light the power that the social media platforms have in controlling what information is made available to users.

* By simple tweaks to an algorithm, it’s not unthinkable that the platforms could push a bias upon viewers. The defining factor of every algorithm is to deliver content that’s going to be relevant to users; if you continue to react to specific topics, alt-right bias perhaps, then you’ll get more of that subject matter in your feed.

* It’s vital for the platforms to play an impartial role so that all content gets the same opportunity, but we’re creating these echo chambers ourselves. We’re in uncharted waters where technology is moving faster that we can keep up with.

* Twitter Has Been Recommending Profiles to Unfollow to Improve Engagement

* Instagram Opens Up Verification Application Process – anyone can apply for the official blue tick