Pizza Hut Singapore picks social media agency

Pizza Hut image

Pizza Hut Singapore has appointed FALCON Agency as its agency for social strategy, digital content creation and community management. The appointment is for a period of one year and comes after a pitch involving two other agencies. According to a spokesperson from Pizza Hut, the agency was selected based on its social strategy, which is in alignment with Pizza Hut’s needs.

“We look forward to working closely with them to drive greater engagement and resonance with our consumers,” the spokesperson added.

“We are excited to be working on an iconic brand that many of us grew up on and have become in many ways, a de-facto comfort food for us Singaporeans. We hope to bring the brand closer to the consumers through more relevant and engaging social content and campaigns,” Kelvin Koo, managing partner at FALCON Agency said.

Most recently, Pizza Hut launched a new brand platform called “Your Slice of Simple” in conjunction with Ogilvy Singapore. The platform looks to rekindle Singaporeans’ love for food and celebrates Pizza Hut’s simple pizza experience. The campaign is called “Foodies Anonymous” and depicts a foodie’s confessions at a foodie-focused group therapy session.

The launch campaign called out pretentious and recovering foodies, all seeking support as they tackle the anxiety and melancholy that results from food over complication and pretentiousness. Based on the insight that young Singaporeans today are looking for simple, precious moments in a complex world, the idea highlights traits reflective of Singapore culture today, namely, ‘camera-eats-first syndrome’, food trend addictions and excessive menu alteration.