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MODEL OBSESSION: Rock singer Rod Stewart, known for his partying ways and three marriages, has been faithful in one pursuit. He has spent 23 years on a project, creating a model of a gritty American city, complete with railway tracks and even skyscrapers.

Netizens have gushed over his skills, with one tweeting: “Very impressive. Nice to see the geeky side of a celeb.”

Stewart, 74, told the Associated Press of his creation: “There’s garbage in the streets, the windows are filthy, there’s everything you can imagine in real life.” When he built a house in Beverly Hills, he used the attic for his hobby.

When he went on tours to promote his music, he asked for another hotel room where he could get some work done to flesh out his model city.

“It wasn’t a whim. It took a bit of planning and 23 years later, it’s finished,” Stewart, 74, said, adding that he needed help only with electrical connections to light up his model. He is also helping like-minded enthusiasts, donating £10,000 (S$17,700) to a British club to rebuild its model railway display after it was destroyed by vandals.