Key points about JEE you need to know

Candidates aiming to get admission in various engineering colleges such as IIT and others may have already started preparing for the JEE Advanced and JEE Mains 2016 by now. But only mugging up the books and digging yourself in various books may not always work. There are a number of key points that many candidates often miss out before the JEE test.

Class 12th marks are important

Candidates preparing for the JEE Advanced or JEE Mains 2016 exam date, may make the mistake of prioritizing the JEE test to be more important that the class 12th test. This can cost such candidates a lot while taking admission after cracking the JEE test. There are a number of candidates who prepare for the JEE tests and may also crack the tests with almost similar score what you have done. This can be the reason why marks of class 12th exams are also considered while admission. When candidates go for admissions in the engineering colleges, 40% marks of class 12th along with 60% marks of JEE test is considered.

Understanding the exam pattern

Exam pattern of class 12th and JEE is absolutely different from each other. Hence, many of the students fail to crack the test as they are not familiar with the pattern. The very first thing thus here is to check carefully the JEE Mains or JEE Advanced syllabus. Also there are certain prescribed books from the board that can be followed to prepare for the tests well. But just studying as per the syllabus does not work in case of the JEE test.

JEE is not only about studying, it is also about intensive practice. It is necessary to know the pattern of the question paper. You need to answer objective questions in 3 hours time. Also while you get 4 marks for a correct answer, almost 1/4th marks get deducted in case you provide a wrong answer. So, it is important to act clever in order to score well.

The preparation part

As mentioned before, just studying the books do not work in case of JEE. Candidates need to practice so that they do not make any mistake in the test and also can complete the paper on time. There are a number of mock test papers available in the market that the candidates can solve and practice to get comfortable during the real test. If you are appearing for the test in 2016, you can get JEE Mains or JEE Advanced 2015 solutions to check how the questions are being answered.

Keeping track of the dates

Studying is not the only thing that a candidate need to do for appearing in the JEE. First he or she have to fill up the JEE Advanced or JEE Mains 2016 application form. Then while preparing for the test, it is important to keep track of various dates and announcements made for the tests.  This can be regarding the dates of the exam, admit cards and many other things that can be important for you. Missing out any of these points may lead to losing the chance of appearing for the test.

JEE is tough because it is an all Indian exam and also because it is much different than the class 12th exams. This is the reason there are a number of candidates who go for more than one JEE Mains or JEE Advanced attempts to crack it. But if you are not in the mood to go for more than one attempt then it is a clever decision to know the important key points of JEE. These points will not only help you in preparing well for the tests, but also will help you in cracking the test confidently.