JEE Main 2019: Access the online test papers by Amrita University, Check details

NTA has set up more than 3400 TPCs (practice centers) for JEE Main 2019 across 622 districts pan India. The TPCs are set up to help applicants understand the changes introduced in the pattern of JEE Main 2019. Registered students are eligible to take the mock test and prepare for the examination. Mock tests are available both online and offline. Candidates must note that registration for TPCs are done weekly and practice center is allotted a day before the scheduled mock test. Applicants can take the online mock test as well and there are several websites that provide online practice test for JEE Main. One such website is powered by the Amrita University of Engineering.

The university hosts a free testing platform for the applicants to help them get acquainted with the online test pattern. All the tests are scheduled periodically, and participants will be intimated via email or SMS. Applicants have the facility to check their score in each subject and prepare accordingly. The students who have registered for the exam can download their JEE Main Admit Card on Dec 17

How to register for Online Practice Test?

Visit the website of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham clicks on the link, “Amrita’s online Platform to Practice Entrance Test”. Read the user manual for students before the registration for the test. Then proceed to click “Practice Online Test” and fill up the registration form for the new user. The steps of registration and taking up the mock test is given below, please follow.

  • Click on “New Registration” and enter the asked credentials like Name, Email ID, Mobile number, password, Class, School name, City, State.
  • When you complete the registration hit the “Register” button
  • Next is the Login Page, here enter your email id and password
  • Hit Login to complete the process
  • You will be given an enrolment number
  • You can view your profile and hit “Take Test” option
  • Next will appear the “Test Instructions” page
  • Once you hit “I Agree” button the test will start

Test Instructions

Read and understand the following test instruction before taking the test:

  • The mock test has 100 questions in total.
  • For each correct answer, one mark will be allotted and no marks will be deducted for the wrong answer.
  • The question paper has objective type questions and each question has four alternative options.
  • The question paper has 40 questions from Mathematics and 30 questions each from Physics and Chemistry.
  • Click on the question you want to attempt there is no need to follow the questions in a sequential manner.
    • Use previous and next button to check the answers and may follow the sequence if interested.
    • Hit the “I Agree, Start The Test” button and start the test.
    • When you click to start the test, a timer will display on the screen and will stop when to submit the test.
    • The test will be of 2-hour 30 minutes duration.

    Benefits of Online Practice Test

    • Online practice test gives the flexibility to choose the date and time of the test. Candidate can schedule the test as per their convenience.
    • The timer starts with the test and is displayed on the screen that gives the keeps the candidate update about the time left and it helps to manage the time accordingly.
    • Click the question you want to attempt there is no need to follow the sequence.
    • The computer-based test gives the benefit to review and correct the answer once attempted.
    • CBT has an option “to Review”, you can mark a question to review and check or change it later if you feel it is not correct. Also, the system maintains a list of questions you want to review, it is very convenient to check all at once.
    • Online test gives the option to correct the mistake and review the question you are doubtful about which is not the case in the pen-paper test.
    • The OMR sheet in the pen-paper test should be marked very carefully and it should not get damaged as well. However, in the computer-based test, there is no such concern about the OMR sheet.
    • The computer-based test is completely environment-friendly as it is completely digital and there is no wastage of paper.