#InvisibleChallenge or #MagicForHumansChallenge is the latest viral challenge taking over the Internet

#InvisibleChallenge,#MagicForHumansChallenge,#KiKi challenge

Move over #InMyFeelings also know as #KiKi challenge — social media is now being taken over by the invisible challenge, where people are making their siblings and friends disappear. Yes, you heard that right. The premise of the challenge is simple; gather a group of friends and do the invisible man magic trick by convincing one of your friends that they are actually invisible. The trick is that you and your friends need to act as if your friend is actually invisible.

The challenge is inspired from an episode of American magician and comedian Justin Willman’ s Netflix show — Magic For Humans. In one of the episodes, Willman manages to assemble a crowd through Craigslist. He pulls a trick on an unsuspecting member of the crowd by convincing him that he is invisible, who doesn’t know that the crowd is part of the prank. The trick involves covering the said person with a blanket and making him disappear. To convince him, a few of the people from the organised crowd also pretend to take selfies with him.

And since then, the prank has been turned into the #InvisibleChallenge.