Innocent Pic Of Couple Has Internet Confused. See What The Problem Is?

Innocent Pic Of Couple Has Internet Confused. See What The Problem Is?It’s moments – read images – like these that the Internet just lives for. A seemingly regular picture of a couple is currently driving citizens of the online world crazy. The picture, posted on Instagram four days ago, has collected over 2,700 ‘likes’ on the photo sharing app while several versions of it are circulating all over social media. Chances are, you too will be confused about what exactly is happening in it.

Posted by British boxer Joshua Kelly, the picture shows him and his ‘better half’ posing for a nice picture. However, what’s confusing everyone is the tree that has also been photographed with them.

Seriously, can you understand what’s happening in this photo?

Before it drives you crazy, let us tell you – it is just an optical illusion. That tree the woman seems to be carrying in the picture isn’t actually in her arms, it’s very much on the ground. It only looks like she’s carrying it because the handle of her bag and her hair make it look like it.

The picture has collected a ton of very interesting comments on Instagram.

“Legit thought she was holding the tree,” says one Instagram user. “How can she be holding that tree,” wonders another.

“Going for a stroll with your misses and her tree,” says one commenter. “Great picture! Sometimes I wish I could take trees home after a vacation,” jokes another.