Impact of Coronavirus on Education in India

As we all know that the current situation of lockdown has hit different sectors of the world badly. The state governments across the country temporarily started closing down schools and colleges to ensure students are safe. As per the present situation, there is no confirmed dates when the college and schools would resume again.

It is very much necessary that we look upon the quick solution of coronavirus or if like these days pass then closure of schools and colleges does not even have short term impact in India but can even cause far-reaching economic and societal consequences.

The current situation of lockdown has generated uncertainty over the exam cycle. May be universities may face impact in terms of a slowdown in student internships and placements, lower fee collection that can create hurdles in managing the working capital.

One of the major concern is that it can affect the paying capacity of several people in the private sector, which is catering to a sizeable section of the students in the country.

Student counselling operations are also affected. Several institutions might think of pausing faculty hiring plans for existing vacancies which in turn affect quality and excellence.

Structure of schooling and learning includes teaching and assessment methodologies and due to closure, it will be affected.

Technology can play a very vital role in the lockdown period like study from home and work from home. In India, there are some private schools which have adopted online teaching methods. Low-income private and government school may not be able to adopt online teaching methods. This will lead to complete shut down due to no access to e-learning solutions. In addition to the opportunities for learning, students will also miss their meals and may result in economic and social stress.

Employment is also another major concern during this time. The students who have completed with their graduation might have fear in their minds that they will loose their job offers from the corporate sector due to the current situation.

The role of technology in the educational system cannot be ignored and the demand for the current situation is this only.

There can be possible alternatives for interrupted education during the COVID-19.

Students those are coming from low-income groups or presence of disability, etc. distance learning programs can be included. The necessity to explore digital learning platforms. Proper measures must be taken in order to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on job offers, internship programs, and research projects.

Central Government and State must plan out some measures in order to ensure the overall progress in the country. Time never waits for anyone, this tough time will also pass.

source: theindianwire