Game design is like architecture” – video game jobs described by those who do them

The game industry is big, but you probably knew that already. If you have ever sat through the credits of a modern triple-A game, you will know just how much work goes into these projects, just how many people are involved – pages and pages of seemingly endless names scroll by as each experience comes to a close.

Publishers such as Ubisoft and EA even use multiple studios to work on different aspects of games, perhaps getting a racing game studio in to tweak vehicle handling in an open world game, or getting FPS experts to fine tune the shooting.

From the animation to the art, from the gameplay to online infrastructure, from concept to marketing, there are many disciplines involved. That’s why we’ve put together this resource after chatting with people from all over the industry, so we can all better understand what it takes to make a video game and release it into the world.