Fitbit takes on fashion: CEO

With the growing popularity of wearable devices, Fitbit came public last year in a widely anticipated public offering.

However, since that time Fitbit’s stock has plunged a dramatic 45 percent year to date.

Jim Cramer spoke with the company’s chairman and CEO James Park, to find out what could be driving the decline and what investors can expect from the company going forward.

James Park, CEO, Fitbit

Scott Mlyn | CNBC
James Park, CEO, Fitbit

One of the ways that Fitbit has attempted to innovate its devices is to incorporate a fashionable aspect to it by launching the Fitbit Alta.

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“I like to call it our most fashionable device yet,” Park said.

The CEO explained that a large part of running the company is to make sure that users are excited to wear the product every day. One of the ways to do so is to incorporate fashion and to make the product fit into their lifestyle.