First week in Delhi University decoded: 10 signature things on a student’s to-do list

Delhi University

The first week in DU is like being thrust into a different dimension. There’s much to do and explore, and the usually ‘pumped’ fucchas like to take up everything as soon as they can. But where does one start? Well, that is where we come in. Decoding the first week in the varsity for fucchas, we’ve listed down 10 points that you can take a hint from.



You’d probably think of skipping this (since it’s much like a school assembly), but we’d recommend you to actually not skip it at all. Orientation is a great time to know all the basics about your college, your teachers and it gives you a clear picture about the place you’re going to spend your next three years. Don’t ditch your introductory classes as they are vital to learn about the syllabus, the books required, and all the works round the year.



It’s a new beginning for you, and if you’ve managed to get into Delhi University (specially the top-of-the-line colleges), it’s time you flaunt it. Take a first day selfie in front of the college building and put it up on social media. This builds up some social media cred, and is also the perfect way to introduce the place you’ll be calling your second home for quite some time.



Your school friends will stay, but a new place requires new friends too. Get to know your classmates, their friends, and maybe connect your old buddies to the new ones. Networking in college is the key to survive, and you’d probably make some lifelong friendships while you’re at it.



Life in DU is incomplete if you haven’t sampled every kind of food around your campus! If you are in the North, Kamla Nagar, Hudson Lane and GTB Nagar are great to gorge on the best of delicacies at pocket-friendly prices. South Campus students, on the other hand, can gorge on myriad offerings from Satya Niketan, Greater Kailash, Vasant Kunj and more.



Knowing the basics about your college isn’t all. Every college has its nooks and crannies, its secrets and jugaads. Make sure you spend some time in your own college rather than just the world around it. Get to know a bit about its history and hot spots on campus. You can also find out the best Wi-Fi spots and other hacks that will help you in the long run.



There is a lot to discover around the college. Catch a street play at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station, explore the Kamla Nehru ridge, shop at Kamla Nagar or visit the Coronation Park at Kingsway Camp if you’re in North Campus. South Campus students can choose Sarojini Nagar for all their street shopping, head to nearby monuments such as those in Hauz Khas, Qutub Minar and others, or simply trek at the South Delhi ridge.



So you’ll make new friends, and will probably have long gaps between your classes or when you get time off from college work. Make the most of this time to plan a chill scene at Hauz Khas Village, Majnu ka Tila, Hudson Lane and other such places. It would be a great way to get to know each other better in a comfortable surrounding, and also just unwind.



Fresher parties are always a rage on campus, and each college has something special planned for their parties. Spend some time to find out the organisers, the theme and the location, if you want to let your friends from other colleges sneak in. It’s important to be on top of your game when it comes to these parties — so the earlier you start, the better.



Among the many new things in the varsity, the DU lingo is a major player. Right from old words like K-Nags (Kamla Nagar), C-Bats (cholle bhature) and G-Jams (gulab jamun), which have always been part of a DU student’s dictionary, to new additions such as On Fleek, BT and more, there’s a lot to learn. So, you better catch up fast!



From arranging last minute fest passes to just having a smooth run in college (sans the DU drama), making contacts really helps in DU. Know your seniors, the second staff and even your canteen wale bhaiya, to establish all the contacts you can, and you are sure to master the DU life.