Facebook now finds Wi-Fi networks nearby

Last year Facebook started testing a new function in its mobile apps that shows you where to find free, public Wi-Fi networks nearby. Today this has been deemed mature enough to roll out to all Facebook users on its Android and iOS apps.

Once you get the new functionality baked into your app, you can go to the More tab and then select Find Wi-Fi. After this point you may need to turn it on (only the first time you use it). Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a list or map view of the closest public Wi-Fi hotspots to your location. You can easily switch between the map and list view, by the way.

The list of places is populated with the names and details of the businesses that operate those Wi-Fi networks, and you can quickly get directions to any of them. There is just one catch here: to show up in the Find Wi-Fi section of Facebook, every business that has a public Wi-Fi network must first claim it by editing its Facebook Page information. So, since this is purely opt-in for businesses, it might take a while for Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi to actually have all of the networks that are out there.