Exploring education in Ireland

Interest in Irish institutions on the rise in the last few years’

Computers, engineering and management courses were among the top picks for students who visited the ‘Education in Ireland’ fair in which 18 institutions from Ireland participated on Saturday.

Representatives from Education in Ireland said that they had noticed a steady increase in interest over the last few years with regard to students opting to study in Irish institutions.

“Of all the Indian students we have studying here, 90 % of them are pursuing postgraduate degrees in management or various streams of engineering,” said Barry O’Driscoll, senior education adviser with Education in Ireland.

Student support services

“Students at the fair interacted with representatives from various Irish institutions and learnt about courses available. The institutions there have strong student support services which create a favourable environment for foreign students,” Mr Barry O’Driscoll said.

Among the institutions at the fair were Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Business School, National University of Ireland and the Institute of Technology Carlow.

The recent announcement in the country to provide students with a 24-month stay-back opportunity after they completed their degrees had made it favourable for students to look at job opportunities there.

“There is a need for skilled graduates and postgraduates in a number of areas, including computer engineering, and there are a lot of opportunities for students available,” he explained.