Education fair turns spotlight on opportunities abroad

The 10th edition of The Hindu International Education Fair 2018 was inaugurated at Hyatt Regency on Sunday.

Delivering the inaugural address, Robert G. Burgess, U.S. Consul General, said there were nearly 1.8 lakh Indian students in institutions across the United States and half of them were at the graduate level.

“In the last 16 years, the number of students coming to the U.S. has doubled. International education anywhere in the world will help you collaborate, develop leadership skills and give a better perspective, which is very important in our inter-connected world,” Mr. Burgess told students.

While it could be difficult for students to go to a country they are unfamiliar with for education, there were many gains, he said.

“When students go abroad, they are not just pursuing a degree but opening up themselves to the world as the others see it. Understanding and learning about different cultures can provide many opportunities as well,” Mr. Burgess said.

He added that it was a particularly good time for U.S.-India relationships, and that the U.S. was promoting higher education by reaching out to students and providing them with accurate information about the opportunities there and easier mobility.

Reliable information

N. Ram, Chairman, The Hindu Group, said the fair aimed to provide reliable information on opportunities abroad for students.

“As a national newspaper, it is important that we focus on education at all levels. Education and health are vitally important in providing and expanding social opportunity in the country,” he said.

Mr. Ram said education had an intrinsic and instrumentalist value, which enables students to seek out and take advantage of economic opportunities to do well for themselves, their families and society.

Students aspiring to go abroad for higher studies and their parents were given an opportunity to interact with representatives from various institutions, as well as attend seminars on studying in Australia, the Netherlands and France.

Ilakkiya Raghavi, a student, said she had come to find out about opportunities for pursuing a Ph. D in the U.K. and was looking forward to interacting with representatives about the scholarships and funding opportunities for the same.

The fair will continue on Monday. The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.