Best remote desktop software of 2019


Welcome to our list of the best remote desktop software in 2019. Remote desktop software allows you to access one PC from another, even if the PCs are not in the same building – or even country!

There are a number of business uses for remote desktop software. For example, you could use a PC in one office to access a PC in another one, to grab important files.

You could also use a powerful remote PC to handle complex tasks while showing the results on a lower-powered laptop. The best remote desktop software is also useful for IT admins, who can remotely take control of a PC to help identify and fix any problems.

The best remote desktop software is installed on the remote computer (the host) as well as on any other computer you want to use to access the host computer (known as the client).

While certain versions of Windows have their own built-in Remote Desktop software, there are a number of alternatives that do a better job and offer more features.

Image credit: TeamViewer

Image credit: TeamViewer

1. TeamViewer 14

The best all-round remote desktop software of 2019

Price: £31.90 per month single user, £59.90 per month multi-user

Easy to use UI
Support for numerous platforms
Can be laggy

TeamViewer 14 is perhaps the best-known remote desktop software in the world, and for good reason, as it has support for a huge amount of platforms that allows you to remotely access a PC using a number of devices. Most recently, TeamViewer has added support for Samsung’s DeX technology, which means you can use Samsung’s smartphones like the Galaxy Note 9 to remotely access your PC.  Best of all, there’s a free version for home users, which lets you test out the software before you commit. It supports 4K desktops, includes a VPN alternative and easy file sharing. Easily the best all-round remote desktop software in 2019.

  • TeamViewer 14

Image credit: RemoteUtilities

Image credit: RemoteUtilities

2. Remote Utilities for Windows

The best free remote desktop software

Price: Free

Good range of features
Windows only
Not the most straightforward UI

Remote Utilities for Windows is our pick for the best free remote desktop software in 2019. It allows you to connect up to 10 computers, and comes with a number of features that you’d expect to find in paid-for remote desktop software.  Remote Utilities comes in two parts; the Host software, which is installed on the PC you want to control, and the Viewer software, which you install on the computer you want to use to control the remote PC. You can also run the Viewer software without installing it, and there’s an iOS and Android version of the app for viewing the PC on a mobile device. The downside is that it only works on Windows PCs, so if you use a Mac, you’re out of luck.

  • Remote Utilities for Windows

Image credit: Thomas Koen

Image credit: Thomas Koen

3. LogMeIn Pro

The best remote desktop software for power users

Price: £299.99 a year for individuals

Powerful features
Cloud storage and LastPass Premium included
Could be overkill for many users

LogMeIn is another big name in remote desktop software, and it’s particularly popular with large companies that need a robust and powerful remote desktop platform. Because it’s mainly aimed at enterprise users, it comes with a suite of useful tools that can help you manage the application across a large number of users and devices. It also means that this is an expensive package, so it won’t be for everyone. There’s some nice added bonuses though, such as 1TB of cloud storage and LastPass Premium subscriptions thrown in.

  • LogMeIn

Image credit: Remote Desktop Manager

Image credit: Remote Desktop Manager

4. Remote Desktop Manager

Useful remote desktop software for businesses and individuals

Price: $199.99 per user. $3,499.99 site licence

Good range of features
Easy to use
Sometimes a bit slow

Remote Desktop Manager is a great tool for small and medium size businesses that want a secure and stable service for remotely controlling PCs. It comes with a good selection of tools and features in one package, and it’s pretty easy to set up and use. If you have a larger company, then there’s an option to buy a site licence to cover all your PCs. There’s also a limited free edition for individual users, or to check it out before you buy.

  • Remote Desktop Manager

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

A quick and easy way to control remote PCs through Chrome

Price: Free

Quick to install
Easy to use
Limited features
Needs Chrome to work

If you want a quick, easy and free remote desktop software, then Chrome Remote Desktop is an excellent choice. It can be quickly installed as an extension for the Chrome web browser. Users can create a PIN to allow other PCs to log in, though you will need a Google account. It’s very easy to use, and best of all it’s free, so you can give it a try to see if it’s right for you. The downsides is that it has limited features  – even compared to other free remote desktop software – and you need to have the Chrome web browser installed.