Adobe Lightroom 2.0 for Android brings RAW image support, in-app camera

lightroom android 2.0

Adobe has launched a substantial upgrade to its Lightroom for Android app. Version 2.0 introduces a new, in-app camera update that supports capturing images in DNG raw format, which gives photographers maximum freedom for editing.

Additionally, the camera gives you the ability to shoot through presets, which enables you to preview and capture images with the specific settings already attached to that image. Other features include a de-haze tool to adjust haze and fog along with integration toAdobe Premiere Clip to create video stories.

In announcing the update in a blog post, Adobe featured the work of professional photographer Colby Brown, who showed off the app’s capabilities with a series of images from a recent trip to Cuba.

adobe lightroom android 2.0ADOBE
Photogrpher Colby Brown took Lightroom for a spin during a recent trip to Cuba.

Anyone is free to try out the new version, which is available now in the Google Play Store. You’ll need a Creative Cloud subscription, however, to continue to use it after the trial period expires.

Why this matters: Adobe’s Creative Cloud service is the benchmark for photo editing, and Android offers strong capabilities with its RAW image support. Since there are so many Android phones that now offer great cameras, top support from Adobe’s services will certainly be welcome by those who are heavily into photography or just want to take more control over how their images look.

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