20 Best Hairstyles for Saree To Adorn This Wedding Season

With the wedding season down the corner, lady of the hour to-be and their companions need to put their best self forward on this stupendous occasion. Also, with regards to an unbelievable hairdo then these are the best 20 saree hairstyle for long hair that must watch out for.


  1. Conventional Braided


The conventional plaited haircut is a standout amongst the most noticeable styles that looks extraordinary with oval, round and triangle face. In this style, a straight twist is made and embellished with brilliant hair extras and pearl to pull off a flawless ethnic look with the lehenga.

  1. Wavy and Puffy Down Do

This is one more amazing hairdo that can be accomplished with the assistance of straightforward instruments, for example, a finishing splash and styling brush. The hair is area into four sections, where the back part is prodded with a brush and the rest is twisted utilizing a hair curler. The middle part can be revered with a grand Mang Tikka studded with energetic stones.

  1. Basic Bun

There are numerous hairstyles that are committed to ethnic clothing types of India and one such excellent style is the basic bun. In this style, the hair is separated from side to side and tucked in together to form a bun and after that set appropriately with the assistance of bobby pins.

  1. Side-separated and Twisted

The side-separated wound haircut is straightforward and best for lehengas. For this style, hair is separated to inverse headings, where one section is contorted to form an untidy bun and front segment is twisted for making little twists that total the look faultlessly.

  1. Muddled Bun

Similarly as the name proposes, untidy bun is a simple style that runs staggeringly well with wavy hair. Those with straight hair can twist the lower bit of the hair and afterward integrate it to form a lose bun. For ideal outcomes you can prod the front segment of the hair utilizing a holding splash or serum.

  1. Curved front with Side-separated Waves

When you need to look chic and electrifying in the meantime, at that point this hairdo is something that you can’t ignore. It carries a lovely mix of ethnicity with present day style which makes it an appropriate choice for the advanced lady. Simply part the hair and after that segment the front part at sideways and stack it utilizing bobby pins.

  1. Puffy Crown and Highlighted Curls

The puffy crown and featured twist is an open haircut, where you just need to twist up the locks strongly and let them stream on the shoulders. Furthermore, make a crown at the best to influence the hope to justify itself.

  1. Formal Up-do

The formal up-do style has been there for a long time. It is a rich, popular and basic style where the hair is tucked together at the back to form a bun enabling you to have a flawless look.

  1. The Half up and Half Down Curls

The half all over twists is made utilizing huge tasty wavy hair and is styled with flower adornments. Here, the hair gets separated into two fragments, the upper and the lower partition, where every one is structured with various twists.

  1. One Side Puff

When you need to upgrade the volume of your hair then the uneven puff hairdo can work. In spite of the fact that this you can be the princess that you constantly needed to be.

  1. Interlaced High Bun

Who said that interlaces are intended for straight hairs? Presently, even wavy hair wonders can include that oomph of plaited through a bun. What’s more, this runs incredibly with marriage lehenga.

  1. Maang Tika Curly

Maang Tika is the center of Indian ethnic clothing and now you can have an exceptional haircut committed to it. Simply leave the hair lose and place the Maang Tika at the middle to verify the different parts together.

  1. Just Puff

The main puff haircut is straightforwardness taking care of business. It requires only just a puff and afterward your hair can be integrated toward the conclusion to have a puffy bun.

  1. Turns with Braid

There is no closure to haircut with interlaces and this style is an ideal guide to that. In this style, you simply need to make a meshed bun and after that style your preferred hair as per the examples.

  1. High Twisted Bun With Flower

Another perfect style is the high turned bun with blossom. For this, a high bun is made by bending the hair and after that put utilizing bobby pins. Afterward, crisp and brilliant blossoms are studded to this bun.

  1. Wavy Glamor Up-dos

The wavy charm up-do is a contemporary style that still holds a unique spot in the core of each lady of the hour. It helps to remember elegance, respect and power that womanhood supports and in this manner is best of wedding season.

  1. Contorted Side Swipes with Curls

This is a complex haircut that would be a perfect counterpart for marriage sarees and lehengas. Here, you need to twist up your hair and after that stick them up by swiping them along the edges. Do make sure to leave a couple of stands toward the end which will enhance the subtleties of this style.

  1. Side-separated twists

This is something that would be extraordinary pick for the companions of lady of the hour who would prefer not to do a lot to their hair, yet at the same time seek to pull off a rich look. For this simply brush the hair sideways and after that twist it up giving the hair a chance to lay on the shoulders.

  1. Extravagant Braids and Curls

The utilization of bloom in lady of the hour’s hair is seen in the vast majority of the networks of India, particularly in the southern district, as this is figured to be propitious. In this way, when you need to have blooms yet without bargaining with style then the fancy plaits and twists can work.

  1. Muddled Fish Braid and Curls

Fish interlace is a typical hairdo that each lady knows about, presently this style can be patched up with twists and chaotic locks to make it immaculate of lehengas.