Youth use social media apps to battle smoking

Stop smoking campaigns do everything possible to deter or stop youth from taking up the habit. Youth now live in a digital era and health providers are tasked with the challenge of connecting with them through social media. It’s a challenge Counties Mankuau Health has taken on board and today at the Mangere Arts centre, they’ve launched their first social media exhibition.

Over six weeks the social media campaign ‘Snapped Out” has enagaged over 3000 followers via Snapchat and Facebook.

CM Health Portfolio manager for Smokefree, Summer Hawke says “We wanted this project to be rangatahi driven, our conventional approaches weren’t working, so we had to find a platform they were interested in, so through social media we chose Snap Chat and Facebook.”

Focussed on youth in South Auckland, the campaign is based on a Snapchat and Facebook platform that encourages followers to stop smoking by creating digital artwork using Snapchat tools.

“We moderate the content submitted and some of the work is honestly amazing, I’m truly humble at what this project has achieved” says Mrs Hawke.

Around 500 pieces of Snapped Out artwork will be on display next 10 days at the Mangere Arts centre.