What is concealed carry shirt

As a gun owner, you have a right and a responsibility to ensure that your weapon is safely, discreetly and securely stored away when not in use. If you live in an open-carry state and can house your weapon on your person, you may have been thinking about investing in some concealment apparel and accessories that you can wear under your clothing. Here are some of the most popular styles of concealment clothing and accessories on the market today.

There are a plethora of concealed carry shirt options for men and women online and out in the physical retail world. Uniform and sporting goods shops often have a small selection of concealment apparel and accessories. Online shops that specialize in weapons will often have a more vast selection. When it comes to shirts, tank tops and short-sleeve styles tend to be the most popular among men and women. Most concealment tanks and shirts will have one or two reinforced pockets that will house a small handgun and other accessories.

Stylish purses, fanny packs and bags are other popular choices if you prefer to keep your weapon close at hand without it being directly on your body. Most of today’s concealment bags look exactly like a basic handbag. They even feature tassels, ornamental rings and other on-trend details; no one would ever guess you are hiding a weapon in your bag.

Boxer briefs and leggings are popular choices for concealment bottoms for men and women. Women can wear their leggings under other pants or as a standalone concealment piece of apparel with a long tunic and ballet flats. Concealment boxer brief shorts are undetectable under cargo shorts, slacks or jeans. Bottoms often offer multiple pockets for storing your weapon and other important accessories.

Concealment apparel is built to be both durable and dependable. Reinforced stitching and double-lined pockets help your weapon stay firmly in place throughout the day. The super-stretchy, body-hugging material that most concealment apparel is made from is meant to look and feel like a second skin. You will feel comfortable and unrestricted while also feeling safe and protected.