Ways You Can Protect Your Business From Crime

How You can Protect Your Business

Business-related crime has risen every year during the past decade, and researchers believe the pattern will continue. Between cyber attacks and physical thefts, criminals are becoming more ingenious and stealthier. Beyond carrying out a risk assessment on your business and network, what can you do to protect yourself from the loss of data or property? Here are three ways you can add to your daily routine to be safe.

1. Physical

You can secure your building by locking windows, safeguarding doors, and installing indoor night lighting. Get loud, blaring alarms with connections that cannot be easily cut and install cameras that record your building – with the data off-premises. Make sure there are no blind spots and add a few trip alarms near valuable items or equipment.

2. Cyber

Install the best firewall your company can afford and hire someone to maintain it. Your customers’ data is a valuable commodity that many cybercriminals will go to great lengths to steal. Although a strong firewall may not stop all attacks, it can prevent the hundreds of small strikes your company faces each year.

3. Staff

No matter how well you vet your employees, you may find yourself facing staff theft of materials or data. To help protect yourself, purchase an employee dishonesty bond that will cover illegal acts. This can also include theft, forgery, fraud, selling data, or other criminal activities. With employee theft at an all-time high, you need to watch your staff.

No one wants to become paranoid about the security of his or her business. Still, it is wise to understand the possibilities of problems and takes steps to prevent the situations. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated, so you need to be more aware and more prepared. With the proper security in place, your business will be safe from the most harmful threats.