Update Your Kitchen With Bold Accessories

You don’t have to take on a full renovation to change the look of your kitchen. Updating your accessories can be a fun way to experiment, think outside of the box and play with your aesthetic. There are endless options to choose from.

Preparation Tools

Tools for prepping your meal are often both left in visible places and overlooked as a design element. Why not make them pop? Some color coordinated cutting boards could brighten up your countertop. A unique knife set could impress your dinner guests. A magnetic strip for knives or other cutlery can act as a fun display. As a final touch, some additional matching spoons and spatulas can pull it all together.

Small Appliances

There’s no reason that functionality and design need to be kept separate. In the morning, one of the most important aspects of your kitchen is its coffee making ability. A cafe worthy coffee station is both pleasing to the eye and the sleepy. Other small appliances used in baking and cooking, such as mixers and food processors, also come in fun colors and patterns.


A similar notion to that of your preparation tools, bright pots and pans can make your kitchen look good while you use them. There are many enamel options that sport a myriad of colors and patterns. You might even want to consider a hanging rack to show off your choices. You could leave a funky statement kettle on your cook-top, to act as something of a centerpiece for the room.

Especially if your kitchen is neutral or bland, switching up your accessories every now and then can make your room look brand new with minimal effort. No need to feel guilty about waste, you can always donate what you replace to friends or a good cause if they are still usable.