Tips for Choosing the Best Security Company

Whether you are protecting a sprawling company campus or a small business or home, security should be an important part of your business plan. Searching for a reputable local security company, such as security guard services New Orleans, may be your first step, but consider the following.

Your Goals

First, you should write down why you need a security company and what you expect. What security concerns do you have and what types of technology or personnel are you looking to implement. Finally, identify your timeline and budget.


Your next step may be getting referrals from friends and family, but if you are a business, you want referrals from other businesses in the area. You should ask how the process works, what the company’s guarantees and services are and how easy the company is to work with. Ask your peers how many companies they investigated, why they chose a specific company and why they stayed with that company.


Consider contacting your local chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau for the companies’ statuses and outstanding complaints. You may also choose to read online reviews and testimonials, but always check their references.

You should then contact your potential security companies. Ask whether their employees are trained and whether they have certifications. Find out about the company’s licensing and accreditation. Ask whether the company is a member of an industry association. Verify everything.

Avoid companies that have changed their names recently. In addition, you may ask about the individuals that will be assigned to your case. You want to know their experience and history as well as the resources and team members they have.

Final Considerations

Now, use your goals to determine what types of services you need. Discuss service flexibility and customization with the company. Compare pricing, but don’t choose your company based solely on price. Assess how easy each firm was to work with.

Hiring a security company is a costly endeavor, so choose the best you can find.