The Huawei MateBook’s pressure-sensitive stylus feels like putting pen to paper

Between Microsoft’s Surface and the iPad Pro’s Apple Pen, the stylus has officially made a comeback, but Huawei’s hoping you’ll like the one that comes as an optional accessory for its sleek MateBook hybrid the best.

The stylus is sold separately for $89 and features 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity—compared to the Surface Pen’s 1,024 levels—and an elastomer tip. It’s not as dense as the Surface Pro 4’s stylus, but you’ll experience the same drag and resistance with it as you would with a real pen to paper.

Here’s a closer look at the MateBook’s stylus and what it can do, including what it’s like to paint a masterpiece (or in my case, a doodle) on AutoDesk for Windows.

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