How To Get Rid of Old Electronics

Shiny new electronics are constantly coming into our lives. Everyone wants the next cool thing. But what about all those last cool things that get set aside for trendier tech? It’s hard to know what to do with those beloved but no longer need items.

Disposing of Devices

One thing you can’t do is just toss them in the trash, even if you wanted to. Your municipality likely has rules about how e-waste toronto gets disposed of. Check with city hall to find out how you can legally rid yourself of those rechargeable-battery-bearing castoffs. It’s sad enough saying goodbye to electronics you’re all over; no need to get a ticket on top of it.

Trading or Selling

Dumping your no-longer-prized possession isn’t the only solution. You may be able to trade in your old computer for store credits or a discount on a replacement. Check online for places to sell used electronics and replace that phone in your pocket with a little cash. Recycling programs may be another way to give at least some parts of your former friend a new life.

Giving Away

You can also give away tech you’ve outgrown to someone for whom it’ll still be a thrill. A family member or friend might be delighted to get this kind of hand-me-down. There may also be programs in your community that give old phones or other electronics to people in need, so you can know your old belongings are doing good instead of lying in a landfill. If there’s no local outfit that will take your discards, search the internet for more ideas of where to donate.

Of course, you can also just let your old e-stuff stack up in your attic, basement, and every available cubbyhole. But giving them a new home of one sort or another will leave you plenty of room for even more new things.