Hidden Carry Gear For Women

The stereotype of a gun-toting, concealed weapons permit-holding American citizen is a man, but that is not always the case. Today, it is not uncommon for a woman to carry a gun on her person too; after all, personal safety is not limited to only one gender. If you’re curious about how women can conceal a personal firearm without attracting too much attention, there are several ways. The hardest part is picking the choice that works best for you.

Bags and Purses

One strong advantage for women who carry a firearm is that a purse or handbag can act effectively as concealment gear.  While you can certainly carry a pistol or small firearm in your everyday bag, it might be a good idea to look into purses made especially for firearms. These are commonly known as concealed carry purses, and they usually come with a detachable holster in case you need to quickly access your weapon.

Uncommon Holsters

A potential attacker is not going to be considerate enough to tell you they’re about to come after you, which means you need to act fast in the event of an emergency. This means knowing where your gun is, as well as the ability to reach it quickly. The traditional hip holster is a classic for a reason — it works! If you prefer to catch a predator off guard, consider a holster that is more unexpected. Your concealment gear can be as simple as a pair of yoga pants with a built-in gun pocket, or a sports bra with a holster sewn in. These are unexpected places to store a firearm, allowing you convenient access when you need it.

Safety First

Regardless of your stance on gun safety in America, remember that learning how to properly use, store, and operate a firearm is the most important aspect of gun ownership. Educate yourself on gun safety laws in your state, brush up on the second amendment, and choose the concealment gear that best suits your needs. It’s tough out enough out there, keep yourself safe.