Google Cloud Platform upgrades MySQL database service



​Google Cloud Storage now swallows posted tapes, USBs, and hard drive backups

​Google Cloud Storage now swallows posted tapes, USBs, and hard drive backups

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Google Cloud Platform is upgrading its service for managedMySQL databases with the release of the second generation of Cloud SQL in beta.

With flavorful descriptions like “vanilla MySQL” and serving as “yoga for your database,” Google Cloud Platform product manager Brett Hesterberg touted the ease of use behind Cloud SQL.

“It lets you hand off to Google the mundane, but necessary and often time consuming tasks — like applying patches and updates, managing backups and configuring replications — so you can put your focus on building great applications,” Hesterberg explained in a blog post on Thursday.

Google’s fully managed Cloud SQL service debuted in 2011. Thus, this second generation has been long in the making.

The latest iteration is promised to deliver much higher performance with 7.5 times more throughput and up to 20 times more capacity for customers of all sizes.

Hesterberg also stressed the lack of commitment required as far as pricing goes, which does vary based on usage and application size.

The second-generation Cloud SQL comes with cheaper micro instances for small applications that can later be scaled up to serve more intensive applications. Databases with infrequent activity can also opt for rates charged by the minute.

Newcomers to Cloud SQL are also eligible for a $300 credit to test drive the service.