Electronic Signature as a Tool for Business Optimization

Electronic signature completely replaces the manual signature in electronic documents. The possibility to sign documents online can facilitate the workflow of both small and large businesses. And SignNow is a company that provides solutions to individuals and legal entities. Everyone can use this software to perform activities that require a lot of time and effort. In particular, it allows for:

  • creating and using electronic signature;

  • generating documents;

  • making payments;

  • automating workflow;

  • creating and filling in web forms;

  • managing and negotiating contracts.

Registering a Sandbox Account



Registration in Sandbox is very simple, and the process itself takes no more than 2 minutes of your time.

You just need to go to the “Create your Sandbox Account” section. Then, in the input line, enter your mailing address and get your API key from the email that will be sent immediately.

The last stage of registration will be the agreement with the “Privacy Policy.”

What Is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a sequential set of unique characters generated by cryptographic encryption. The difficulty to counterfeit it and other advantages make an electronic signature a popular means of document protection and management.


Pros of electronic signature:

  • Reliability. The user is protected from falsification. A regular signature is easier to forge.

  • Convenience and fast implementation of solutions. Agreements are concluded with counterparties, packages of papers are submitted to state services and authorities, and the internal workflow is optimized remotely.

  • Ample opportunities. Open access to official purchases, trading platforms.

  • Increased privacy.

  • Reduced cost of office work.

Main advantages:

  • It is impossible to forge an electronic signature.

  • The user precisely determines the moment of creation and sending of documents.

  • After signing, the document is not corrected. Any changes will be reflected in the decryption.

  • Documents are sent via electronic channels without transferring the information carrier, which saves resources and time.

Main components

Each electronic signature has a certificate, which is a kind of passport of the user who owns this signature. Receiving an electronic document, the addressee learns about the owner who sent it, precisely by the certificate.

SignNow certificate includes:

  • signature holder data

  • information on further application

  • information about the organization responsible for the issue

  • public key


SignNow Company emphasizes the main advantage – safety. An e-signature created with SignNow is legally binding. Only one electronic signature can be used to sign several related electronic documents (a package of electronic documents).

Organizations are free to decide which of the three types of electronic signatures they will use. To do it, they need to conclude an agreement on electronic document management, in which they should specify what kind of electronic signature certain documents will be signed with.


The company provides a wide range of services for business, which you can find on the official website of the company. Before purchasing a plan for a month or year, you can start a 7-day free trial to explore all the features and choose the best plan for your business.https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/Y3tqAg8sBGkquqCUgmBpn1YyDSCgFyoqkW9cxld7bXnKhpwlRVywcrWe5haDEi6dHmR8bwSaCeytOyiJmO1Nzx9wNHlGKLZhphL_gbbCICDRSuEcmWdyXU2JAue3pYjbweNSnVuh


SignNow Mobile Application


A mobile application will allow you to significantly save time at work. The interface of this app is very intuitive. Besides, don’t forget that SignNow is the market leader in corporate security. Therefore, you can be not afraid about the confidentiality of your data or the importance of payment.

Application functions:

  • Export/import of handwritten signatures and initials;

  • Several convenient ways to sign files;

  • Import of files from email and Google Drive;

  • Kiosk mode for personal signatures;

  • Establishment of a specific signature order;

  • Distribution of roles for all parties;

  • Reminder notifications;

  • Tracking the status of the document;

  • Collaboration on a template through team building;

  • Saving and reusing signatures;

  • Editing documents;

  • Filling in templates securely;

  • Archiving documents for future reference;

  • Creating links for signature.

The application is well-suited for filling and signing PDF forms, contracts, or templates for any industry.

Types of Electronic Signatures

SignNow informs that there are three types of electronic signatures available today. They differ in the degree of reliability and the segment of the application.

Simple signature

The solution is reviewed every day and used to certify online documents and access company files or databases. It is an unenforceable key. For the conclusion of contracts, all parties involved in electronic cooperation draw up a confidentiality agreement. Otherwise, the papers will be invalidated.

Unqualified signature

The dongle is stored on a USB stick or created using the software. Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can receive the product in special certification centers. The key is used in the company’s internal circulation system and in interaction with counterparties. You can electronically sign the document online, including a power of attorney or an official letter. However, this key is not intended for all types of operations.

Qualified signature

The perfect font crafted by certified cryptographic tools. The key is stored on a USB stick and has an accredited certificate. The qualified form of this signature has unlimited functionality.

SignNow Company Management

Where else can you use an e-signature? Even if there is no legal requirement to sign documents, it can simplify business and solve day-to-day issues.

Participation in electronic trading

To participate in trading on commercial electronic trading platforms, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of the electronic signature verification key. Individuals and legal entities can participate in the auction.

Electronic document management

An electronic signature is required when working in electronic document management systems for the exchange of letters and documents of various formats. This system is useful in that the process itself becomes simpler, faster, and more reliable. It also eliminates the problems associated with storing a large amount of paper.

Access to information state systems

Government services and other government portals require the mandatory presence of an electronic signature, thanks to which it is possible to remotely pay fines, apply for business registration, and make an appointment with a doctor.