4 Luxury Features Coming Soon to All New Cars

What used to be key features of luxury automobiles are becoming more common on the average vehicle, thanks to the improvements made in automotive technology. From automated processes that provide bead inspection for sunroofs or windshield, robotic assembly of key panels, and the inclusion of high-tech computer dashboards, shopping for a new car has become more a challenge as you navigate down an ever-growing must-have list.

Automatic High Beams

The need to switch between high and low beams isn’t a complicated process, but it can get a little tedious and monotonous when doing a lot of night traveling. Now, new cars are equipped with automatic high beams that are de-activated once an oncoming vehicle is detected. When the vehicle is behind the car, the lights switch back to high.

Heated Steering Wheels

Long gone are just the days of heated seats. For those that live in places with heavy winters, heated steering wheels make a huge difference in your morning commute. Trying to drive with gloves is awkward and a little dangerous, but a heated steering wheel warms the hands quite nicely.

Phone Mirroring Systems

Bluetooth connectivity has been in cars for a while, but now, many vehicles are equipped with a dashboard screen that connects to the phone through a USB port and displays driver-friendly apps. You can use Waze or MapQuest to help get to your destination, answer phone calls, or connect to your favorite playlists.

Automatic Braking Support

Research shows that the inclusion of automatic emergency braking has been lifesaving. Because of the great success, these will soon become a standard feature on all vehicles. This feature can detect an imminent collision and apply the brakes without the assistance of the driver. This can account for popup situations that a driver may miss.

Some of the features of new cars are for convenience, while others improve the safety of road travel. However, any feature is sure to make road trips more enjoyable.