3 Kinds of Copiers Companies Use

First conceived in October of 1938 and then officially placed on the market twenty years after their birthday, in 1959, copiers, like printers, are vital tools in the business world. While some businesses own their own copiers, with some companies even hiring employees solely to run them, others use copiers owned by others or have a contract with a copy service Fairfax VA. Regardless of whether the business owns a copier or uses a service, it is important to understand the different kinds of copiers. Copiers come in many different types, with different specialty functions and benefits. For example, color copiers can print in color, but mono copiers can only use black ink. Here are three of the types of copiers companies might use.

1. Network

Network copiers are known for being able to connect to networks. This enables functions like faxing, remote printing and “Scan-to” purposes.

2. Multifunctional

For those offices who prefer having one machine capable of performing a multitude of tasks, the multifunctional copier is the right tool. Besides just copying, multifunctional copiers are also able to print, fax and scan. Like network copiers, some can be connected to the internet and business networks. Wireless printing from handheld and portable devices is also capable. Generally, these copiers also come with something network copiers do not: They often have a feature like a booklet folding or stapling for completing documents.

2. Desktop

Desktop copiers are, as may be inferred from the name, designed to sit on desks. These are small copiers built to deal with small items. Usually, they are used with A4 or smaller paper. They can be models of simple small copiers or of multifunctional ones.

Copiers are integral tools to the running of many businesses, and they come in many varieties. It is important to consider a business’s needs before selecting one, as some have more functionality than others.