3 Fire Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life and Property

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Disasters can strike in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, the circumstances that cause them are unpreventable. However, certain measures, including testing fire sprinklers California, can help you avoid loss of life and destruction of the things you hold most dear. There are several commonsense behaviors you can put in place today that can help keep you and yours safe and sound.

1. Check the Smoke Detectors

Alarms should be in place in all buildings to signal to the people inside that a fire may be present. Put it on your schedule to test your smoke detectors on a regular basis. Replace batteries as needed. Consult the information that came with your unit or system to find out how often the entire component should be swapped out for new.

2. Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy

These can be full-sized, wall-mounted devices or small cans of fire retardant you can keep on the kitchen counter or in the garage. Use whatever is appropriate for your space. Either way, train your family or employees on how to use the extinguishers. It could help put out a small fire and keep it from spreading. If flames get out of control, however, know when to call emergency services for assistance.

3. Cook Smart

Unattended food preparation is one of the leading causes of fires. Keep an eye on the stove, oven, and grill. Teach kids the basics of kitchen safety from an early age. Remember to keep all flammable items in safe places. Dish towels, cookbooks, and paper towels can catch fire in a blink of an eye. When handling hot pots and pans, remember to wear protective gloves and proper clothing so you don’t get burned by hot surfaces.

A little foresight can save you from a lot of heartaches later. Educate yourself and those around you about fire safety. The tried and true practices still work, and new technology is becoming available each day. Take advantage of it all and stay safe.